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Of The Vietnamese Community Overseas and In Vietnam On the occasion of Vietnam War Summit At the LBJ Library, Austin, Texas

The "Vietnam War Summit" will be held at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library in Austin, Texas from 26 to April 28, 2016. One of the proclaimed purposes is to study, discuss and to "shed light on the Vietnam war, its lessons and its heritage." The special guests include US Secretary John Kerry; Dr. Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State in President Nixon’s administration; Mr. Pham Quang Vinh, the Vietnam Ambassador to the US; Mr. Ken Burns, who will perform the 10-part film about the Vietnam War; a number of Vietnam war veterans, and a some well-known number of antiwar activists as Tom Hayden, Peter Arnett... Strangely, none of the Vietnamese officials who served in the government or in the armed forces of the former Republic of Vietnam and no official representatives of Vietnamese Community was invited to participate in the discussions, except for Texan Vietnamese American Congressman who was too young during the wartime and had no experience of the Vietnam War.

The organizations of Vietnamese communities, both overseas and in Vietnam, therefore proclaim the following views on the Vietnam War:

1. After the end of the Second World War, the intent of the allied powers (the US, Russia and Britain) was to end colonialism as shown by the Yalta Conference dated 11-2-1945. Many countries have thus regained their independence. The Vietnamese Communist Party by initiating the war in 1945, which resulted in the division of Vietnam into two separate states, and by initiating the invasion of South Vietnam, was responsible to the devastation and millions of casualties on all sides.

2. In 1954, the Geneva Agreement was signed between Ho Chi Minh and France dividing Vietnam in North and South. The United States helped the South (Republic of Vietnam) to build democracy and economy, and had achieved good results. But unfortunately Ho Chi Minh sent North Vietnamese Communist troops invading the South, and the United States as the leader of the free world, had to appeal to its allies to send their troops to protect South Vietnam.

3. Due to the shift of the US foreign policy, the rising of the antiwar movement and the pro-communist elements among the American population, the United States signed the 1973 Paris Peace Accords to end the war, and at the same time to cut aid to South Vietnam, while North Vietnamese communist continued to attack South Vietnam militarily with increasing support from the Communist bloc leading to the collapse of the South Vietnam on April 30, 1975.

4. There have been false assumptions and prejudices about the cause of the fight to protect freedom, and about the heroic struggle of the US soldiers and Armed Forces of Republic of Vietnam.

5. The Vietnam War resulted in:

a. Over 3 million Vietnamese nationals killed from 1945 to 1975 in a war created by Ho Chi Minh and the Communists; 58,000 US soldiers died, many were injured, some are still missing.

b. After the invasion and occupation of South-Vietnam in 1975, the Communist government systematically implement a policy of revenge against the citizens of the Republic of Vietnam, by devaluating the values of their currency, by occupying their homes and confiscating their businesses, by incarcerating hundreds of thousands of South-Vietnamese officers and civil servants in so-called reeducation camps, where they were brutally treated and where many died of exhaustion or deprivation.

c. Since the Communist take-over of the whole country, over two million Vietnamese citizens had to seek freedom in other countries, where they live for many years as refugees. In their search for freedom, about half a million died at sea, others suffered immensurable hardship at the hands of pirate.

d. After 41 years since 1975, as a the leader of the world, economically and militarily, the United States might help Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries cope with the current Chinese expansion. Regrettably, the US policy toward communist Vietnam now has not set human rights as a prerequisites, thus the Vietnamese Communist party has remained a regime of totalitarianism, performed religious persecution, deprived of the fundamental human rights of the people of Vietnam.

Therefore, we solemnly declared:

1. The US armed forces who served in the Vietnam war, the Allied forces and the Armed Forces of Republic of Vietnam, who have fought side by side to stop the expansion of Communism in South-East Asia, and in doing so was able to  preserve freedom and democracy in South Vietnam until the final invasion of Communist forces in 1975. These valiant service men and women must be recognized and honored.

2. The United States should pose human rights watch as a condition in foreign policy, trade with Communist Vietnam.

3. The world, including the United States, should pose the interests of the 90 million people of Vietnam over those of minorities of 4.5 million Communist Party members by helping the people of Vietnam regain their freedom and democracy, and develop their economy, thus contributing to the prosperity and peace of the world.

4. The point of view of the Communist Vietnam Ambassador to the US will certainly be biased as he represents a dictatorial, one-party regime that does not respect the people’s freedom of expression and that teaches  its citizens its own version of the Vietnam War and its invasion of South-Vietnam.

5. We deplore the fact that the organizers of “The Vietnam War Summit” failed to include to the panel someone who has served in the Republic of Vietnam, who is cognizant of the reality of the political situation during the different periods predating the Vietnam War, and who is able to present the viewpoint of the people of South Vietnam, in order to shed a true light on the significance of the Vietnam War.

6. For the summit, we recommend a fair, objective and accurate assessment of the origin of the Vietnam War, the conducts by all parties during the War, the negotiations to end the war, and especially the results of these negotiations which resulted in lopsided agreements that left South-Vietnam bereft of military supports from its allies, while North Vietnam continued to receive ample supplies from their patrons, the Soviet Union and Communist China.

April 22nd, 2016


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