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Dear All:

As usual this neo-communist IPad of mine delete one of my word:

Please, reread, "... an upsurge of moral TURPITUDE ... (The capitalized word was deleted from my original writing)". Turpitude should fill the blank space . Apple products are made in communist China. No wonder!

Ky Col. Gary Tran


Dear All:

I could not believe something like this could happen to our Vietnamese teenager girls. It really pains me to no end to watch the video of this barbaric treatment of a defenseless young little girl by a group of other girls of her age or a little older. On the other hand, it just could be the children of these Cong An cadres who are desensitized to brutality and high-handedness.

I don't know what this victimized girl did or didn't do to deserve such a savage beating and utter humiliation for a woman. I have never heard of and much less seen such happening in Viet Nam in all my 6-decade adult life. It looks as bad as seeing the goddamn Cong An or their hired hoodlums beating up innocent people who protested social injustices or official inequities. No one in a normal, civilized, lawful, and orderly society deserves such a cruel and heinous treatment at the hands of such a vicious group of females, much less a fragile little girl. And then to see this ordeal splashed all over the Internet. This is an absolute disgrace in a country so steeped in traditional values spanning thousands of years and in a people so immersed in cultural niceties, especially the sweet and gentle female gender.

Whatever has happened to Mother Viet Nam and her cultured children? Can you fathom the degradation of our 4,000-year cultural heritage, the perversion of the good character of our people, the decline of the civic education of our children, and the upsurge of moral             of our women under just after 4 decades of amoral, unethical, and atheistic communist rule?

I dread to see what will happen in the next 4 decades if this goddamn gang of immoral, agnostic, and ungodly nincompoops continue to hold sway over the life of our people and the fate of our country. And I most certainly agonize over the stark possibility that this ordeal would continue unabated due to the complacency and the division, the indifference and the inaction of the non-communist mass, both overseas and in-country.

This is where I am in sharp disagreement with Professor Keith Taylor of Cornell University who is of the opinion that he expects transformational forces stemming from the people living outside the country will be able to effect desirable changes in the country judging from the past history of the Vietnamese people through the ages. The reason I don't buy into this argument is that the Vietnamese only dealt with the Han's, the Mongols, the Manchus, the Cham's, the Khmers, the Laotians, the French, the Japanese, and the Americans who were not as bad, as devious, as deceptive, as coercive, as inhumane, as cruel, as barbaric, as brutal, as demonic, as repressive, as perfidious... (I have more than 100 adjectives to describe the goddamn commies that I have already sent you. You don't want me to waste your time listing all of them here, do you?) as the VC's. When the Vietnamese expatriates could not even reduce the $14 billion -- yes, billion with a goddamn B -- of yearly foreign exchange influx even by a fraction, I would not hold my breath for any change for the better in the near future from external forces. In less than a decade when all the people of our generation are all dead and gone, the children of the next generation of overseas Vietnamese pay as much attention and give as much concern to their native country as His Majesty, King Hussein, and his far left loons pay attention to the US Constitution and give concern to American exceptionalism, which is practically none.

I cry for my people's fate, I agonize over my fatherland's future, and I mourn for Mother Viet Nam's legacy.

Ky Col Gary Tran






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