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Letter to Parliament USA

April 22, 2016




We are writing to urge you to write President Barack OBAMA ahead of his visit to Vietnam next month and ask that he raise concerns about serious violations of internationally recognized human rights, especially as Vietnam aggressively seeks to expand trade and other relationships with the United States.

The OBAMA Administration should insist that Vietnam unconditionally free all of the hundreds of political prisoners and other prisoners of conscience it now holds, such as Father Nguyen Van Ly, Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh,  Bui Van Trung, Nguyen Van Minh, Bui Thi Minh Hang, Tran Huynh Duy Thuc, Doan Huy Chuong, Nguyen Hoang Quoc Hung, Blogger Nguyen Huu Vinh, Lawyer Nguyen Van Dai…

The Vietnamese government should repeal all laws and administrative decrees that deny freedom of expression, association, and peaceful assembly – such as the laws criminalizing “propaganda against the state” and “taking advantage of democratic freedoms to injure the national unity” – and enact laws codifying and protecting the fundamental human rights the government now routinely violates.

It is essential that the Vietnamese government eliminate the onerous requirement that all religious organizations submit to close supervision by the government as a precondition for worship services and other activities.

The Vietnamese government must allow workers to form labor unions that are truly independent of the government and of the Communist Party.  It must end the practice of forced labor and prosecute officials of state-owned labor export companies that are involved in human trafficking.

The Vietnamese government should agree to a process to resolve claims for compensation made by U.S. citizens whose property has been confiscated.  The government has illegally confiscated the real and personal property of many Vietnamese-Americans, a practice that continues to the present day.

During his state visit, President OBAMA should meet with leaders of independent and unrecognized religious communities, human rights activists, pro-democracy advocates and political dissidents. Such meetings would show our government’s recognition of and moral support for civil society and send a clear message that our government intends to engage not only the government but also the people of Vietnam.

Should the U.S.A, and the countries of the free world not act rapidly, should they keep indifferent when facing these odious crimes, the Vietnamese people would then be extremely disappointed and absolutely downcast. This would be considered as complicity from the U.S.A and the International Community, which implicitly would allow the continuation of the crimes perpetrated by the Vietnamese communist authorities, their inhuman brutality, arbitrary increase of terrorism, repression, torture, detention of innocent civilians and religious persecutions. This would mean that the U.S.A and the International Community implicitly allows China to invade Viet Nam, with the complicity of the Viet Nam communist authorities. Let us warn the International Community about the dangers such a situation would induce: a continuous expansion of China, which would continue to invade the countries of South-eastern Asia (VIETNAM, LAOS, CAMBODIA, MYANMAR, PHILIPPINES, THAILAND, MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, INDONESIA , SOUTH KOREA, JAPAN, INDIA, AUSTRALIA...), thus causing insecurity in the world.

Your help is highly valued. We hope that one day it will enable the Vietnamese people to live in dignity and Vietnam to become a civilized nation, free, democratic and part of the free world. We deeply rely on your understanding and kind attention.

Please accept, Mr. President, Mr. Speaker, Dears Members of the Parliament, the expression of our very respectful and grateful feelings.

- Dr LE Thi Le

Email : lethile10@gmail.com

  - Pr NGUYEN Thi Hien
Email : prnguyenth@gmail.com

- Pr PHAN Thi Do

Email : phanthido14@gmail.com

- Dr NGUYEN Thi Xuan

Email : drnguyen52@gmail.com

- Ing. QUYEN Nhan
Email :

Letter to President Obama before Vietnam trip:




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