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Timeline of Ancient VietNam

A Proposal by Vu Huu San

Around 70,000 B.P. First known evidence of Southeast Asian Crossing the Sea by Bamboo Raft to Australia
> 20,000 B.P. Proposed date for the beginning of the Hoabinhian Culture in the North VietNam (by Solheim)
> 20,000 B.P. Partially Polished Stone Tools of Hoabinhian Culture presented in Northern Australia.
Around 15,000 B.P. Sea levels began to rise. From BienDong (Eastern Sea) plains, Viet (Yủeh) people moved upward, along the Yangtze, West, Red and Ma Rivers, settled in the half-submerge coastal areas, or to the higher-level grounds inside.
15,000 B.C. First domestication of plants in the world was done by people of the Hoabinhian Culture.
10,500 B.C. Cord-marked pottery invented.
8,000 B.C. Use of wild rice (Southeast Asia, Southern China, Northern India)
7,000-3,000 B.C. Bac Son Culture
5,000 B.C. Wet rice farming in the Bach Viet Areas (present-day South China)
3,500 B.C. Socketed bronze Ax (Thailand)
2,897-258 B.C. Kingdom of Van Lang (Hung Kings), Lac Viet Navy Ships were heavily equipped with " Fleche Magique" (No Than), some of them made by bronze.
2,500-1,500 B.C. Phung Nguyen Culture
Around 2,000 B.C. Bach-Viet Boat People landed in America Continent, soon after the beginning of the Chinese expansion to the South
800 B.C.-200 A.D. Dong Son Culture
258-207 B.C. Kingdom of Au Lac
207 B.C. Foundation of Kingdom of Nam Viet by Trieu Da
111 B.C. Conquest of Nam Viet by Han Dynasty in China
39 A.D. Revolt of Trung Sisters against Chinese rule
43 Suppression of Trung Sisters Revolt by Ma Yuan
192 Foundation of Kingdom of Lam Ap, predecessor of the state of Champa, in Central Vietnam
248 Revolt by followers of Lady Trieu (Ba Trieu)
542-545 Ly Bi Rebellion against Chinese rule
722 Mai Thuc Loan Rebellion
939 Restoration of Vietnamese Independence by Ngo Quyen after first battle of Bach Dang
939 Foundation of Ngo Dynasty ( 939-965)
965-968 Period of the Twelve Warlords
968 Foundation of the Dinh Dynasty (968-980)

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