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No South China Sea on the Vietnam Sea: Letter to Donald Trump and Chinese communist Xi Jinping at US-Sino Summit April 6-7, 2017 (En Version)

From: The “No-South-China-Sea” social networking

To: The US President Donald Trump and Chinese Communist President Xi Jinping.

Cc: - United Nations Security Council.
- European Union, Canadian, Japanese, South Korean Governments.
- Organizations map the sea in the world.
- international and Vietnamese media.
- Vietnamese people

Subject: Open Letter to US President Donald Trump and Chinese Communist President Xi at the US-Sino Summit planned on 6th and 7th days of April 2017.

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Southeast Asian populations have been present in South-East Asia for over 70,000 years ago. The people of Southeast Asia living here included our ancestors, the Vietnamese. They were courageous navigators who crossed the big oceans; left their footprints, and their way of life through many continents, such as Africa, America, etc., These facts are recorded by famous historians such as Malcolm F Farmer, Christian J. Buys and Sheli O. Smith, Chester Norman, Wilhelm G. Solheim, Peter T. White, etc.

During the ice age, prehistoric Vietnamese already left footprints around the seas and lands in the world. At that time, the Chinese did not even exist, let alone the argument Chinese territory. They, the Chinese, were only present around 2600 years ago; and the Chinese did not develop maritime way until the fifth century AD.

Therefore, in fact, there is no such name called the “South China Sea.” Besides, due to the many mistakes made by some inexperienced cartographers who inadvertently imposed the waters of the South China Sea into our Vietnamese waters.

Vietnam nation independently developed with culture, civilization Hoa Binh, Dong Son, as well as lowland rice harvesting the tens of thousands of years before the Chinese’s. There is no reason why our country would depend on their cultural development or influence. The reality is quite the opposite.

They, the Chinese, have the tricks of borrowing and copying - taking what others have done and claiming to be their own, as Confucius says: copying, not self-creating.

We present some old maps of the Southeast Asia Sea (see below map) in which the Vietnamese Sea is part of the South Asia Sea. There is no such thing as the “South China Sea” within the Vietnamese waters. The Qing Dynasty’s map only recorded their territory as far south as to Hainan Island.

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The map was drawn in the 17th century by a Frenchman to correct confusion about the position and form of the Gulf of Tonkin according to Ptolemy's old maps. “Ocean Oriental” is “East Sea” instead (Source map: Water culture from marine activities - Vu Huu San) 

biển giao chỉ, Yüeh sea, paracels, spratlys, islands, hoàng sa, trường sa

Google maps only the waters of “Yüeh” (Vietnam), not the “South China Sea.” 

southeast asia sea, paracels, spratlys, islands, hoàng sa, trường sa


southeast asia sea, paracels, spratlys, islands, hoàng sa, trường sa


southeast asia sea, paracels, spratlys, islands, hoàng sa, trường sa

Map by robinsonpharma.com draws the water area in South China just above Hainan Island. Note, Hainan Island is not a peninsula. As such, it is not applicable for the Economic Privilege Zone under UNCLOS. 

southeast asia sea, paracels, spratlys, islands, hoàng sa, trường sa

From China's Hainan Island to the Paracel Islands of Vietnam at a distance of 200 nautical miles. According to author Vu Huu San - Gulf of Tonkin Geography & territorial waters

Due to the ambitious expansion its territory to Southeast Asia, China has mapped the so-called “cow's tongue” and claimed the waters around it onto Chinese sovereignty. With the name of “South China Sea,” the Chinese blatantly claimed the surrounding waters as theirs. This imposition causes the world's marine cartographers to follow the irrational approach mentioned above inappropriately.

On January 19, 1974, the Chinese Communist Navy forcefully took over the Paracel islands archipelago of the Republic of Vietnam. These islands have been internationally recognized since World War II; On March 14, 1988, Chinese invades the “Gac-Ma” Island of Spratly islands archipelago.

To expand its military muscles to control navigation in the South China Sea, the Chinese Communist Party has carried out a series of construction works and accretion of the islands captured from the Vietnamese people. The act of accretion of these islands was quickly completed with the supports of the Vietnamese Communist naval command of the 4th military region (see attached file: Petition and Emergency Petition (4th time) of Cam Ranh fishers in Vietnam). These are activities that seriously harm the environment and environment of the South China Sea as well as the maritime security of humanity.

We call on President Donald Trump for the interests of the United States in particular, humanity in general, to actively stop this insane acts of the Chinese communists and its counterpart Vietnamese Communist as well.

We urge the United Nations Security Council, the European Union, Japan, Australia, etc., to take strong sanctions against the authorities in Beijing and Hanoi; to order them ending their implementation of building military bases; to force them to fulfilling the duties of being a member of the council, members of the international community, not invading other nations, including Vietnam, Vietnam Sea, and Southeast Asia.

As long as the name of “South China Sea” still exists, China also has the pretext, the reasons for expanding the threat to the maritime security of the Asia-Pacific region in particular, of humanity in general. Communist China is the greatest threat to the world in all respects, a threat greater than that of the Islamic state.

Thus, Senators Rubio and Cardin have issued a bill to penalize the East Sea's aggression. The bill’s excerpt states: "Advising the President to impose sanctions and prohibit entry into the individuals and entities of the Chinese Navy engaged in construction and development projects in the relevant sea areas, as well as a threat to peace, security or stability in the South China Sea (SCS) or East China Sea (ECS); Prohibition of publication of materials describing the South China Sea or East China Sea as part of the Chinese Communist Party, investment projects in the South China Sea or East China Sea, or recognition of the East Sea or East China Sea merger.”

We urge the world cartographers to adjust, as well as to return the name of South China Sea back to the position of China's waters and not to mistakenly name it upon our Vietnam Sea map (see Attachments).

Our Vietnam Sea is part of the Southeast Asian Sea and not part of the South China Sea.

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No South China Sea on the Vietnam Sea

English version by Van Giang Tran


Tran-Dai-Viet, The Vietnam sea.org social networking and The No South China Sea.org social networking

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