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Letter From Mr. Lien Thanh to General Phạm Ngọc Hung and General Nguyen Chi Vinh ( Military Central Intelligent Agency 2, Vietnam)

Lien Thanh

P.O.BOX 6147 Fullerton, Ca. 92834 USA.
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1/ Major General Phạm Ngọc Hung, The head of Military Central Intelligent Agency 2 (aka MCIA 2) [holding the post from 2014 to Present] Hanoi, Vietnam

2/ Major General Nguyen Chi Vinh Under-Secretary of Defence, former Head of Military Central Intelligence Agency 2 [from 2002 to 2009] Hanoi, Vietnam

Subject: Letter from Mr. Lien Thanh addressed to two Vietnamese Communist’s Major General: Gen Pham Ngoc Hung and General Nguyen Chi Vinh

Special Notes: Mr. Lien Thanh authored a book named: "The intelligent and counter-intelligent matches between the Republic of Vietnam / CIA and the Communist North Vietnamese.”


Dear Sirs:

For the last few years, your so-called the Military Central Intelligent Agency 2 (aka MCIA 2) has launched many myths, idols, like the fairy tales from the children books of your Intelligence characters who were operating in southern Vietnam before 1975, such as:

- Brigadier Tran Quoc Huong, aka Muoi Huong, with the birth name as Tran Ngọc Bang, The strategic Intelligent Agency.

- Colonel Le Cau, Head of Southern Region of the Military Central Intelligent Agency 2.

- Brigadier Pham Xuan An - “The Perfect Spy.”

- Brigadier Vu Ngoc Nha, The strategic Intelligent Agency Section A-22.

- Spy Agent Tran Ngoc Hien, The strategic Intelligent Agency Section A-26.

- Spy Agent Bui Dinh De, aka Mr. Sai Gia, The strategic Intelligent Agency Section A-54.

- Spy Agent / Colonel (People Army) Pham Ngoc Thao [also a Colonel in ARVN].

Especially, Brigadier Muoi Huong, aka Tran Quoc Huong, has been highly praised by the Military Central Intelligent Agency 2 in a book, namely “Tran Quoc Huong- The master of all legendary Spies?!”

- Vu Ngoc Nha was also praised in the book name “Mr. Advisor” which has been made into a movie.

- Pham Xuan An has been widely painted as a “The Perfect Spy (sic).”

- And Colonel Le Cau as so on and so on

Even some of the rank-and-file's like Le Huu Thuy, Tran Ngoc Hien and more also praised almost to the high blue sky.

What the objectives that the Vietnamese Communist Party and the Military Central Intelligent Agency 2 want to achieve?

The Communist Party of Vietnam and by the Military Central Intelligent Agency 2 want to turn black into and white; deceive the Vietnamese people; deceive the historians who wanted to write about the Vietnam War; bring the truth turned into a lie and turned failure into victory.

It is a shame for the Communist Party of Vietnam, the Military Central Intelligent Agency 2, and you two Generals, yourself. The Communist Party of Vietnam was a party of bandits. A bunch of robbery party and thuggery Ho Chi Minh were the ignorant, the fraudulent, the disloyal, and the deceitful to name a few.

The truth is not as popular as you say, but the truth is so harsh. All the characters whom your party and your people are chanting such as: "Master of the Legendary Intelligence spy," "Perfect Spy," "Supreme Advisor," "heroes," "martyrs…" all of the mentioned, and the whole intelligence organization, and their staff have been cornered / arrested by the Intelligence Agency of the First and Second Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces of the Republic of Vietnam.

From Intelligent Brigadier Tran Quoc Huong (aka Muoi Huong), to lower ranked Colonel Le Cau, Brigadier Vu Ngoc Nha. Note that Vu Ngoc Nha has been arrested twice: First time by Mr. Duong Van Hieu’s special task force under the First Republic of Vietnam; He was educated and agreed to collaborate with the Intelligent part of the Central Region. He even received a decent salary as those of the other members of the special task force. Until the First Republic collapsed, he returned to work for The strategic Intelligent Agency section A-22; Secondly, during the Second Republic of Vietnam, he fell into the custody of Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Mau, the Head of Special Police of the National Police Forces.

Besides, Section A-22 has had the following spy/agents being captured:

- Huỳnh Văn Trọng

- Phạm xuân Hòe

- Lê Hữu Thúy

- Lê hữu Ruật

- Bùi Nhượng Thắng

- Lê thị Nuôi.

And about fifty [50] structures were confiscated and prosecuted.

Talking about the character of Pham Xuan An, the Military Central Intelligent Agency 2 made him a legendary and promoted Pham Xuan An to the rank of Brigadier, the hero of the People Armed Forces (sic)

Who was Pham Xuan An?

Pham Xuan An was born on 12/9/1927 at Binh Phuoc, Bien Hoa, Đồng Nai province. Died on 20/9/2006.

His code name is Tran Van Trung or Hai Trung. His secret code name is X6.

- On 1956 he was a subordinate of Dr. Tran Kim Tuyen. He worked at The Political Research Center of the Presidential Place during the First Republic of Vietnam.

-1957 Dr. Tran Kim Tuyen sent Pham Xuan An to America to study journalism at a 2-year community College, namely Orange Coast College, Orange County, California.

-1960 returned to Vietnam, and Dr. Tran Kim Tuyen assigned him to work at ‘Việt Tấn Xã’ (VietPress).

-1963 to 1964 he worked for Reuter.

-1966 worked for Time Magazine.

About the "Great Legend" of General "Perfect Spy" Pham Xuan An, according to the declassified documents of the US Central Intelligence Agency CIA "spy Perfect" of the communist Ha Noi’s Military Central Intelligent Agency 2, Pham Xuan An has been recruited, trained by the CIA, becoming the "Double Agent."

Thus, the Strategic Intelligence Service of Hanoi’s Military Central Intelligent Agency 2 used "Made in CIA" fake materials for about 15 years [1960-1975] handed over to Hanoi by Pham Xuan An. I do not know how bad that fake "Made In CIA" was. It is recommended that you would rather flush the so-called Strategic Intelligence Service straight down your toilet... Please do that for it was so embarrassing!

For Mr, Pham Xuan An, I recommend that you would rename the “Perfect Spy ”one into the “perfect double-agent ” instead.

Northerners often say "mistakenly taken" means taking another person’s property or saying he was someone else. Hue people saying is "wrongly looked at." The two type of words are synonymous. The Communist Party of Vietnam and the Military Central Intelligent Agency 2 have "mistaken" or "wrongly looked at" Pham Xuan An.

April 30, 1975, General Pham Xuan An stayed in Saigon; However, the Military Central Intelligent Agency 2 did not fully trust Pham Xuan An, called Pham Xuan An to report back to Hanoi to file a self-declaration and being questioned for more than a year. Then Pham Xuan An was under house arrest, closely guarded, banned from going abroad, until his death, on September 20, 2006.

On the will of the Vietnam Communist intelligence agent Pham Xuan An before his death stated:

"When I die, please do not bury me with the Communists."

Dear two General Pham Ngoc Hung, current head Military Central Intelligent Agency 2, and General Nguyen Chi Vinh, the current Deputy Minister of Defense, the Government of Vietnam, the former Military Central Intelligent Agency 2, please kindly explain Mr. Pham Xuan An’s death wish to the people of Vietnam. Like your Intelligence General Pham Xuan An, for the whole nation of Vietnam hear? Why is Pham Xuan An so disgusted with your communist regime? Why your “hero” so disliked to be near the communist like you?

Additionally, please two Generals Pham Ngoc Hung and Nguyen Chi Vinh read the documentary comments by their people, the Military Central Intelligent Agency 2’s reports to the Politburo of the Communist Party of Vietnam on the appalled achievements of the Military Central Intelligent Agency 2 in South Vietnam.

I advised you two to read a paragraph saying about the activities of the task force recorded by the high ranking communist party members right after 30/4/1975.

In the memoir called “Treason or Truth” written by Mr. Du Van Chat, a member of the Strategic Intelligence Service section A-22 as follows:

This is true security service, but it is a 'super-organization' with many features that do not have any comparable mechanism. It concentrates high power: extreme power, with the most sophisticated, malicious and daring modes of operation. In prison, the Secret Police together with the Viet Cong resistance eat, sleep together, play together and work together. Unbelievably, things that are real, and only in a certain historical time. Starting from the political struggle that required the general election consultation until the Dong Khoi gunfire was over, the curtain ended. The anti-Communist achievement of Secret Service directed by Ngo Dinh CanDuong Van Hieu is wonderful. They attacked the headquarters of the Central Regional Party, such as Inter-zone Five, Thua Thien provincial Party Committee, Hue City Party Committee and Danang. Traveling south, they attacked the Saigon-Cho Lon Specialized Area, Thu Bien and Can Tho. Most prominently, the Central Intelligence Agency neatly captured our Strategic Intelligence Net from Ben Hai to Saigon in just one year.

Gen. Tran Quoc Huong himself admitted:

Ngo Dinh Can's overriding policy is to convert the prisoners, either the regional or infiltrated from the north. Those who have been arrested, locked up in prison camps, would see Ngo Dinh Can’s dark intention. Ngo Dinh Can often confined seven people to a cluster. They are still feeding, drinking, traveling, even reading. Each prison cells are locked, but as if not locked up, there is a gap but very hard to understand. Therefore people doubt each other; want to unite and still could not do that.”

Dear the Military Central Intelligent Agency 2’s Generals

- Pham Ngoc Hung

- Nguyen Chi Vinh,

I am Lien Thanh, not a writer, not even a historian. I am completely incapable of doing both.

I was just a young person in the period 1960-1975 when our South was being invaded by the communist enemy of North Vietnam. My friend and I leave the university grounds, flock to the war, shoulder to shoulder the tribulation of the country, of the homeland. To protect the lives and property of the people before the invasion of the North Vietnamese communists.

We fight for the National ideal, no hatred, no inferiority, proud to be the South Vietnamese soldiers to protect the people, the country.

From 1963-1965, I was the officer commanding of a combat company,

1966-1975 I am an intelligence officer, counterintelligence officer, of the ARVN and the National Police of the Republic of Vietnam. A person confronted you in the battle of Intelligence in Thua Thien Province - Hue for nearly ten years. I can say that I am the witness and also the agent in that period.

In the face of lies, misleaders and historians, about the War of Intelligence in South Vietnam, between the Hanoi Communist Intelligence (aka Military Central Intelligent Agency 2) and the First and Second Republic of Vietnam’s Intelligence Agencies. You have created some of your men into the Intelligence Icon with a glorious victory.

It is not true. You have put on makeup, have idolized Muoi Huong, Vu Ngoc Nha, Le Cau, Pham Xuan An, while the truth is that they are all our prisoners, First and Second Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces, except Brigadier General Pham Xuan An, are secret agents of the CIA. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the Special Forces Police have known that Pham Xuan An is a CIA duper, so we do not touch, do not arrest him, because that is the principle.

Talking about principle, I would like to tell you of two short stories about the reasons why the First and Second Republic of Vietnam’s Intelligence Agency decided not to arrest Pham Xuan An as follows:

Firstly, on the student movement

In the 1971-72 school year is also the time of the Republican presidential election for 2nd Term in South Vietnam. In Hue, Hue University’s anti-war students started a series of demonstrations protesting against this election, the military boot camp program for University students, and the presence of US troops in Vietnam. This demonstration was led by a Student named Tran Hoai - President of the Student Association, who was a member of the Hue Municipal Party Committee. Tran Hoai also has students of Saigon Medical University; Huynh Tan Mam, who traveled from Saigon to Hue in collaboration with Tran Hoai. Note that Huynh Tan Mam is a member of the Saigon Communist League, an underground communist organization.

This protest was made and ironically supported by our “friendly allies” of the United States, and the communist elements of Hue City. There was the United States’ involvement because the US was to prepare for an “end of the war in honor.” The communist’s part was its nature of subversion at all time to destabilizing Hue.

Our security forces know very well the purpose of the US and the Viet Cong.

I commanded and suppressed this trouble makers resulted in the arrest of Tran Hoai and Huynh Tan Mam as well. At the Interrogation Center of the Thua Thien - Hue National Police Command, I also personally interrogated Huynh Tan Mam.

The interrogation lasted less than 10 minutes; then there was a knock on the door, then came the CIA advisor for our Special Task Force. He winked at me, and I gestured me to walk out of the room with him. Fifteen minutes later, I signed the paper to release Huynh Tan Mam.

Dear the Generals of MMA2.

Do you know the reason why we dropped Huynh Tan Mam?

The answer: Because Huynh Tan Mam is the CIA's double-agent. He made his Communist League in Saigon, which he is also a member of the CIA in the Saigon Youth Union. I released Huynh Tan Mam at the request of the CIA Adviser, as he was a spy for the CIA.

Huynh Tan Mam's case is the same as that of your Spy-General Pham Xuan An.

Secondly, about the religious movement

Rev. Thich Tri Quang is working for your Strategic Intelligence Agency; he is also from the United States’ CIA, meaning that he was “double-agent.” This is from a CIA declassified document.

In addition to two "superior" agents mentioned above, the General Department 2 sent another spy from Hanoi to India, and then from India to Phnom Penh - Cambodia, crossed Tay Ninh - Vietnam to “An Quang” pagoda in Saigon. He was Mr. Dang Phuc Tue. Aka Rev. Thich Quang Do. Thich Quang Do was, in turn, arrested by the First Republic of Vietnam's Intelligence Agency.

In the case of a spy named Dinh Van Nam, aka Rev. Thich Minh Chau, Was sent to India by your Military Security Corps; and used Thich Tri Quang to pressure General Nguyen Khanh of the South Vietnam, the Head of State of Vietnam at the moment. General Nguyen Khanh issued a visa for Dinh Van Nam returns to Saigon to become President of Van Hanh University in 1964. Thanks to the closely following and watching of Rev. Thich Minh Chau, The Special Police of the Police Headquarters had discovered a large number of inner-city intellectuals and students in Saigon who are supporting the communist insurgence.

In Hue, the Religious Affairs Center of Lt. Col. Hoang Kim Loan, the Department of Strategic Intelligence, there were spies such as Thich Thien Sieu, Thich Nhu Y, etc. All of them were detained along with Hoang Kim Loan.


Both you and I, we all know that the Vietnam War (1954 to April 30, 1975) had three distinct fronts:

1- Military Front

2- Political Front

3- Intelligence Front.

1- On the Military Front

The Communist People's Army of the North has repeatedly clashed with the Armed Forces of the Republic of Vietnam, from the smallest units, units of the local forces such as the “Regional Army,” the Divisions of the Military Tactical Regions I, II, III and IV. Like the ARVN Combat Armed Forces: Airborne, Marine, Ranger, Special Forces, Special Forces, Naval Seals...

The heroic victories, the resounding the world of ARVN are still there as:

Lao Bảo, Khe Sanh, Ben-Het, Dakto, Bình Giả, Chiến Khu D, Cái Nước, Đầm Dơi, U Minh. Bình Long, An Lộc battle, Plei-Ku, Kontum,Trị Thiên, Đông Hà, Cổ Thành Quảng Trị battle, v.v.

On April 30, 1975, we were not the losers as you claimed, we were forced to let go of guns. We were shot from the backs due to the betrayal of our American allies on the exchanging of economic, political and diplomatic interests between the United States, China, and Russia.

The Republic of Vietnam was eliminated, wiped out by those three ugly power hands, not by the Communist Party of Vietnam, and not by the Vietnamese Communist People's Army. You alone can never be able to do that for us, to the soldiers of the Republic of Vietnam…

For you, the northerners, the self-proclaimed winners who dared to commit as a servant of the Red Chinese. On this point, from the leader of the gang Ho Chi Minh to the long-time lieutenants Pham Van Dong, Le Duan, Le Kha Phieu, Nguyen Chi Thanh, Vo Nguyen Giap, Pham Ngoc Hung, Nguyen Chi Vinh, Nguyen Phu Trong, Nguyen Tan Dung and so on... All of you brought fatherland and sea to the hands of Chinese people.

In short, on the military front who is the winner or loser? Let's leave the answers world historians. They will not forget in the Vietnam war; the Chinese have sent over five million [5,000,000] troops to the north Vietnam (?)

3. On the Intelligence Front.

The Vietnam War ended on April 30, 1975, when the communist North Vietnamese’s T-54 tank over the main gate of South Vietnam President’s Independence Palace in Saigon. Looking at that scene, many people think it's the end of a conventional war. It is not true. The war in Vietnam from the beginning to the end (1955-1975), is a nonconventional war, which is a rebellion war.

In the unconventional war or the insurgency war, the solution and the results of Intelligence are number one priority. The side that succeeds in the field intelligence and Strategic Intelligence is the winner side.

Two Generals of Military Central Intelligent Agency 2 - MCIA 2 - Vietnam Communist Intelligence

- Phạm Ngọc Hung,
- Nguyen Chi Vinh,

As I have said in the previous section, your Intelligence Strategic Agency has suffered a heavy defeat when confronting First and Second Republic of Vietnam’s. Especially the Special Branch, under the command of the National Guard of the Republic of Vietnam.

You are still lying, deceiving, and turning your failures into so-called winning. You have no self-respect at all. I have a duty to expose your fraudulent, with substantiated evidence, sources, and incidents.

There is a book named:

"The Intelligent, counter-intelligent wars between the ROV (VNCH) /CIA and The NVA’s Intelligence Agency.”

This is not a detective novel as the one you wrote about Muoi Huong, Vu Ngoc Nha, Pham Xuan An, etc. This is a true documentary about Intelligence, exposed truth, the failure of the General Intelligence 2 Agency, the Commando Task Force when you confronted the Republic of Viet Nam’s Intelligence Agency.

This work will be released overseas in September 2017, and in one way or another, will be circulated to my compatriots in the country like my other previous three [3] works:

1. Variable Central Vietnam,

2. Hue Massacre in 1968, and

3. Thich Tri Quang the hero or criminal

So that the people in the country to see the truth which is bent by the Communist Party of Vietnam, the Military Central Intelligent Agency 2 of Vietnam Communist Intelligence Agency.

In the past, you also gave a female character called ‘Phong Lan,’ director of the 12-part video review of Hue's 1968 Massacre, with the words of "No more than six thousand [6,000] victims. The massacre in Hue in 1968 was killed by the bombing of the United States and its “puppet government (sic).” But the video was unsuccessful, unable to convince the compatriots that the victims were killed by bombing. Hundreds of Victims any were buried alive; killed with barbed wire, electrical wire tied on their hands by your retreating forces?

Hue Tet Offensive is a fact; your communist party brutally slaughtered over six thousand [6,000] Hue’s innocent compatriots. I wrote the truth with clear evidence. Ho Chi Minh, the Politburo of the Communist Party of Vietnam is the culprit who committed war crimes, the atrocity.

With the release of "The Intelligent, counter-intelligent wars between the VNCH/CIA and The NVA’s Intelligence Agency.” I am waiting for your comments according to the failures of the Military Central Intelligent Agency 2 as listed below:

The arrest of:

1. General Quoc Huong, aka Muoi Huong.

2. General Vu Ngoc Nha.

3. General Pham Xuan An, an informant working for CIA.

4. General Tu Trọng, Deputy Secretary of North Vietnamese Communist Police, was arrested in the West when they entered the South Vietnamese territory.

5. Colonel Le Cau, Head of The Southern Intelligence Network.

6. Tran Quang, Member of Communist Party of Province Quang Tri. Tran Quang was appointed by the Party of Regions of Region 5 as Head of the Secret Network from Quang Tri to Phan Thiet and the Central Highlands provinces.

7. Nguyen Vinh Nghiep, Party member, assigned for Special District of Saigon.

8. Tu Hung, Party member, assigned for Special District of Saigon. All members of the Communist Party belonging to Tran Quoc Buu's General Confederation of Labor were sacked by the Central Task Force.

9. Tu Lung, Active Party Member of Region 5 including the provincial braches from Quang Tri to Phan Thiet and Central High Land. Tu Lung's mission is to direct all Communist Party tactics for these provinces. Tu Lung was arrested at by Police Task Force at Cong Quynh Street in Saigon 1958.

10. Nguyen Lam, Chief of the Joint Press Office Region 5, was arrested by the Central Task Force in latea1957 in Saigon.

11. Colonel Nguyen Dinh Quang, aka Minh Van, was sent by the Vietnam Communist Intelligence Agency Hanoi in 1954. He was arrested in 1958 by the Central Vietnam Mission.

12. Tran Tan Chi, former Head of Haiphong Intelligence Department, professional staff in Strategy Intelligence. At the behest of General Director Tran Hieu, he infiltrated to the south legally, by entering the immigration delegation in 1954. In Saigon, he had fled to work at the USIS office of the United States Embassy. Tran Tan was detained and arrested in 1958 by the Central Mission.

13. Colonel Van Quang, aka Trang Cong Doanh, The core officer of the Department of Strategic Intelligence. Colonel Van Quang followed the delegation to the south in 1954. He was commissioned by the Saigon-Cho Lon Special Forces to work at the USOM office of the US Embassy in Saigon. Colonel Van Quang was arrested in 1958 by the Central Mission.

14. Le Thanh Duong, a spy Under the Department of Strategic Intelligence following the 1954 migration to the south. A legal career in Saigon: Employees of General Labor Office in Saigon. Le Thanh Duong was arrested by the Central Task Force in 1959.

15. Ton Hoang, a spy of Communist Intelligence Agency. Following the 1954 migration to the south. Ton Hoang was tanked by the Central Task Force in 1959.

16. Du Van Chat, a spy of Strategy Intelligence Agency, following the 1954 migration to Saigon. Head of an intelligence network. Du Van Chat was arrested by in 1958 in Saigon.

After 1975, Du Van Chat served as Member of Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee and Head of the Party Committee of Saigon.

17. Nguyen Van Hoi, Chief of Transportation Strategic Intelligence Agency. Before 1954, Nguyen Van Hoi was the Chief of the Joint Press Committee of the Communist Party Committee. Nguyen Van Hoi's mission was to organize the transportation system of the Vietcong Communist Party in Viet Nam, Cambodia and Laos. Nguyen Van Hoi was arrested by the VNCH’s police in 1958.

18. Hoang Ho, a spy of the Communist Intelligence Agency. Hoang Ho is the Director of the Detective Weekly in Saigon. Hoang Ho was arrested by Central Mission Task Force. To the Second Republic, he was a Representative.

19. Lieutenant Colonel Hoang Kim Loan, Military Central Intelligent Agency 2, Strategic Intelligence Agency, Member of the Hue Municipal Party Committee was arrested in May 1972 in Hue.

20. Strategic Intelligence Agency – Section A-22.

21. Strategic Intelligence Agency – Section A-54.

22. Strategic Intelligence Agency – Section A-26.

Also, the book "The History of the Resistance Against the American Rescue 1954-1955" by the Ministry of Defense of Hanoi, Volume II (pp. 73-74) wrote:

"From July 1955 to February 1956, My-Diem killed and detained 93,362 officers, party members, and Patriots. Party bases, mass bases suffered heavy losses.

In the South West, after two years of political struggle, there was a deputy secretary of the Communist Party, 18 provincial commissar, and 100 district commissioners were killed.

In Thu Dau Mot, 1,647 members were left with only 260. Gia Dinh province had 3,000 members, only 350. Ham Thuan district (Binh Thuan province), from 656 members till July 20, 1955, had only 80 members. And so on

Particularly serious, due to the brutal persecution in some localities surrendered, confessed to the enemy. In Binh Dinh, most of the arrested members declared themselves as party members or reported to others. Two districts Nghia Hanh and Duc Pho (Quang Ngai), as of August 1955, 80% of party members declared. Phong Chuong Commune (Phong Dien, Thua Thien) has a party of 25 party members surrender 24, and one must flee. Some party members do not believe in successful political struggles that have fluctuated, long gone, avoided work, even people eat lightly, drink less water to be able to live secretly for a long time ... "

The People's Police Newspaper reported:

"Nearly all areas in Thua Thien have been lost. Most of our staff have been arrested; the base was deleted. A few have moved to the North, got green or moved to the side."

This is true, on more than three thousand [3,000] officers from provincial commissar, member commissioner, district commissioner, security officer Province, City, Districts, intelligence officers, Your traffic, roads, transportation stations, communications, etc. are all destroyed, arrested, and deactivated by the Special Forces Police Department of Thua Thien - Hue…

Especially in May 1972, from the intelligence officer Lieutenant Colonel Hoang Kim Loan, the strategic Intelligent Agency, over one thousand five hundred [> 1,500] cadres and infrastructure of yours were detained and disabled by the Special Forces Police Detachment in Thua Thien-Hue. In operation known as Binh Minh of the Vietnamese National Guard / Thua Thien-Hue, to stop the conspiracy Your total rebellion at the imperial city of Hue.

You two Generals try to review the old record, the old report, whether you once made a terrorist attack, or put explosives in the city of Hue in nearly ten years from 1966-1974 or not? Certainly 100% is not. Not that you have no conspiracy, advocacy, want to carry out assault, assassination, put in operation, in Hue city. They have been tried several times, but they were broken up and crushed by the Special Forces of the BCH / CSQG / Thua Thien - Hue.

In short:

Following the intelligence wars between the Military Central Intelligent Agency 2 and our Republic’s Intelligence Agency, we could certainly express that:

We are the winners. The Republic of Vietnam’s Intelligence Agency, especially the Special Task Force of the Special Police, you and your Strategical Intelligence Agency are the losers.

My wish is to have open arguments with you about this historical document, by any means of communication, with the participation of the people and the press, television, Vietnamese overseas and abroad, at anywhere, the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia at any time and date.

Don’t you dare?

I am looking forward to hearing from you both.

Liên Thành

- Former Major of ARVN.,

- Former Head of Police for Thua Thien Province and Hue City,

- Former General Secretary of the "Phoenix " Program for Thua Thien Province and Hue City,

I current am:

"The Chief of Staff for the ‘Committee to prosecute all Vietnamese communist criminals of war.’ "

P.O.BOX 6147
Fullerton, CA.92834. USA
Tele: 626-257-1057
Email: ubtttadcsvn68@gmail.com; nguyenphult1966@gmail.com

English version by Van Giang Tran


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