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Welcome to APEC Vietnam 2017 (Re-sumbit) - Open Letter to President Donald Trump

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October 26, 2017

Reference: The APEC Vietnam 2017 

Dear President:

Essentially, the APEC Vietnam 2017 would end up nothing else than a RENDEZVOUS IN HELL, where everybody should spell out this message on Belshazzar's banquet wall: "ARMAGEDDON".

- Like previous international congregations, the upcoming APEC Summit in Vietnam sure will serve as an ideal showcase for this WILD-DOG REGIME, which best illustrates a Latin saying, "Homo homini lupus." This summit might set its agenda in the framework of the Jews' New World Order or One-World Government, all spelling their world dominance and supremacy or ultimate Communist control of the planet. You and the other mindless summit attendees will come up there just for photographs and TV shows, marketing for American financial oligarchies, having almost nothing to do with the people you presumably represent, having almost nothing to do with all the ordeals that humans are undergoing as a result of endless wars, conflicts, conspiracies, terrors, crimes - all given rise to by Illuminati, Bilderberg, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, jBankers, Kissinger, and the likes. Like previous American Jew-infested mindless leaderships, you and your likes have in mind just money and conspiracy, to the detriment of basic aspirations as defining attributes of human beings. Most of you are bowing low to the Jews' imperatives, Power Money, and Communist agendas. As Mahathir bin Mohamad puts it, "The Jews rule the world by proxies." Probably most of you will wind up there as proxies in nature.

- For the sake of economic interest, you and your likes choose to keep your mouth shut on human rights, political oppression, corruptions, kleptocracy, ineptocracy, systematic obscurantism, and other perversities in today Vietnam. By ignoring those topics in your foreign policy, you implicitly toleerate totalitarianism abroad before explicitly implementing it domestically. The American system is now proselytized into Communism and Judaism. - Like previous American Jew-infested mindless leaderships, you and your likes are failing the Vietnamese people as a whole. Could you please take a careful look at what your mindless Vietnamese comrades have done to this people for the last four decades without war: conspiracy, suppression, exploitation, systematic corruption and violence, total monopoly, systematic robbery and manslaughters, etc.

- Mr. President, did you ever give a slightest thought to those millions of Vietnamese who lost their life in and after the Black April of 1975 on the ocean, in the jungles, in Communist prisons and hate zones called "New Economic Zones"? That Holocaust is no sham. Like previous American Jew-infested mindless leaderships, you and your likes have failed those unfortunate souls. They are still there with you, Harriman, Kissinger, Bush, Clinton, Obama, Kerry, Fulbright, Bilderberg, Illuminati, Skull and Bones, World Jewry, jBankers, and more. Now the APEC Summit site is not far from the Tet offensive bloody massacre in the Hue City, 1969. That historic background surfaces as a CURSE to welcome you and the other mindless summit attendees out there. - China has used North Korea as a nail driven into your head. You'd better not go out until you manage to have both the NAIL out and the CURSE duly dealt with. Neither could you be yourself with the NAIL on nor the CURSE on, I'm afraid.

I apologize for any inconvenience you might have.

Dong Yen
A U.S. Senior Citizen

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