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Dear All:

This is a very good opportunity to disqualify, discredit, dishonor, derail, defuse, deflect, deactivate, disorganize, defame, dismember, defund,  debunk, disparage, disavow, damage, detract, disrupt, defeat, destruct, dismantle, disarm, and destroy the CPVN. So, just pick one of these actions and put all your heart and mind into it. 

You won't have a better and bigger or a more emotional and more sensational event to inflict a mortal blow to the hated and inhumane regime that has caused so much death and suffering to our people or degradation and destruction to our country or perversion and aberration to our democratic and humanistic way of life. This is much bigger than the goddamn Chicoms invading the Paracels and Spratleys Archipelagos and other territorial borders because these things did not cause existential threat to Viet Nam on such a massive scale and with such an insidious degree, but this problem would for decades to come.

And please, don't have all the reservation like Dr. Vu. You will never defeat a single evil or destroy a single evil-doer if you choose to be politically correct or stick to the upper road. That's why The Dalai Llama will never get Tibet back from the goddam Chicoms. He is too nice, too kind, and too considerate. He already lost the struggle being like that before he even enjoins the fight. That's why the neo-communists in this country are in ascendency and succeed in bringing the USA to the edge of the abyss. And that's why liberal and politically correct Europe is in such a bad shape as it is now: its people slaughtered by ISIS, its economy in the tank, its morality in decay...

Politically correct people will lose every time they fight evil-doers. Can you understand why Donald Trump won a lot of contests lately? He did not give a damn about political correctness.  The politically correct attitude and behavior and benign approach never work against top-of-the-mountain evils anywhere any time anyhow. And of course, Communists are the most perfidious, the most odious, and the most atrocious (I have at least 4 dozens ways of describing them if anyone wants to know them all) evil-doers of all time. They don't stop at anything in order to have the upper hands. Don't even think of being correct, polite, respectful, decent, and mild-mannered when you deal with communists. They'd think you are stupid, weak, gullible, and clueless. They don't think you are worthy adversaries or trusty allies. They will outmaneuver you, eliminate you, and even kill you. That was what happened to all the nationalists in the First Indochina War and all the neutralists in the Second Indochina War.

And so, you don't have to be an expert on anything to voice your disapproving opinion against evil and you certainly don't need to be a specialist in anything else to cuss these despicable rascals because they don't have the least qualms in killing you for dominance, destroying you for supremacy, eliminating you for power, and hurting you for personal gain. So, put away all your unnecessary reservations, innocuous considerations, wimpy concerns, misplaced niceties, and warped thoughts. Roll your sleeves up and get involved. Make good use of the Internet.

We need not only to support the people over there but incite them to the utmost. You have to flood the social media with incendiary pronouncements, including half truths or bloviated assertions. Boycott all the food exports from Viet Nam. Actually, boycott all other exports not just foods. If you don't adversely affect the welfare of the people over there by inflicting damage to the local economy, people don't suffer and they don't feel the pains to rise up against their repugnant regime. The $14,000,000,000 -- yes, billion with a goddamn B -- you injected in their economy every year will perpetuate their rule for another hundred years!

And blood has to be spilled and tears have to be shed in quantity for enough people to get enraged to take violent action. In Rumania, the place where the most violent anticommunist confrontation happened, the people only had to revolt against Ceausescu and his wife and a few hundreds Politburo members and after they shot them, execution style, and the whole coercive and oppressive security apparatus fell apart within a week. Communist regimes as all totalitarian regimes have that inherent flaw of requiring only orders emanating from the top dog's leadership to be executable. And so, if you decapitate that leadership the local rabid dogs don't know what to do and will fall prey of an enraged populace. 

So, please, try to do every goddamn thing to enrage the populace. Otherwise, Viet Nam is like another Tibet. The Tibetans can pray to Buddha like the Dalai Llama all day long and meditate like my dear cousin all year round and never get rid of the Chicoms. I don't buy that notion that evil can be reformed by goodness. It only worked one time with Buddha and His goddamn Devils were nowhere as nasty nor as cruel as the present days  commies.

It only took a few hundred thousands freedom-loving activists in the capital of each of the 13 countries in Europe to destroy European communism. There was no need to uprise elsewhere in the country. We need to help these militant Redemptorist catholic priests over there to mobilize their thousands of parishioners to rise up because they are the only people who could do that. The artists like the ones in these pictures in Hue can't. The intellectuals in Hanoi can't. The students in Saigon can't. The fishermen in Ha Tinh can't. The journalists and bloggers in the South can't. Nobody can because there is no leadership, no organization, and no support that organized religion has.

Flame up fear and trepidation among the consumers of sea foods. Stir up resentment and abhorrence of commie officials responsible for promoting this tragedy by receiving bribery and neglecting safety inspection. Play up the disastrous consequences of this incident. Resort to scare tactics to magnify the fiasco dangers. Take a few pages from the neo-commies' playbook here in the US (Saul Alinski's Rules for Radicals)  that they used to shut down hundreds of coal-fired electricity plants and put hundreds of thousands people in the coal industry out of work, not to mention the jacking up of utility costs sky high with nothing but falsified stats on global warming. There is no goddamn global warming here in Kentucky because I froze my ass off last winter and yet my energy bill doubled this past year.

Please, go ahead and rock the boat. And don't miss the boat this time.

Ky Col Gary Tran

PS. This link has a lot of good infos.

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